Friday, February 20, 2009

the wish your heart makes

i dream of seeing the ocean from my bedroom window
i dream of throwing a rock that will get swallowed by the sea
i dream of screaming words that can be drowned out by the sound of waves
I dream of taking walks and seeing footprints left behind
i dream of rinsing my feet before entering the house
I dream of a landscape that can be heard
I dream of smelling salt and stinky sea life
I dream of hunting treasures with a sharp eye
i dream of being where I belong
by the sea

I am spiritually connected to the ocean. I know this because I just feel right when I am near it. I dream of it constantly. If I am stressed out, I have nightmares that include flooding waters, or the ground disintegrating beneath my feet. When I am happy, my dreams are filled with calm steady waters. When I can't sleep, listening to a prerecorded loop of crashing waves does the trick. But, my life is well established here, almost 3 hours away from the sea. My husband, whom I dearly love, dreams of trees... rows and rows of them. Trees with nuts. Nuts instead of sand, he loves the valley, I love the coast. We adore this close knit community, but oh...the expanse of the ocean! How can this be, to have this deep love affair with such a distant sea?


Wanda said...

Oh Darlene ~~ I too dream your ocean dreams.

We are much closer than before, but not close enough!

My best memories are living in Santa Barbara....and all the things you list were at my finger tips... Why did we have to leave???

Could the day come, that we could walk the beach together. ((smile))

I love visiting Jill ~~~ we love to walk and talk on the beach!

Loving you today as every day
Wanda Mom

Mary Timme said...

I think it is the time of year when the ocean seems so close even if our boat is so small. I've been thinking of that and ocean waves all month! I wonder what it all means? Well, in time, we'll know what we need to know.

Lovely, just lovely!

Jenny said...

I feel right when I'm near the ocean too, especially the Pacific and I miss it so much!

Shaz said...

Hey there sweetness the ocean does seem to have that kind of calming effect doesnt it. Its good to know its always ther even if it isnt as close as we would like. I hope you get to leave those foot prints in the sand really soon xx

sweet expressions said...

I love your post!