Tuesday, August 23, 2011

that last apron string...

Do we ever really cut that last apron string?If so, I've thrown away my scissors...

All I think about these days is our daughter's upcoming wedding. An event that will forever change our families. We are increasing in size and adding some wonderful souls to our lives. I love Jon and his family are the most warm and friendly peaceful folks. This picture of Angela and I was taken at the Engagement Party that was hosted by Jon's parents. Someone grabbed my camera and said "cheese" but I can't remember who? All of Angela's & Jon's closest friends were there, along with family and friends from both sides. The spirit was loving and their home was filled with the most incredible group of people I have been around in a long time. I will treasure the memory of that day for years on end. (the food...oh, the food!)

But back to that apron...I am blessed with very close relationships with both of my adult children. Mark and I talk a few times a week, visit here and there and go out to eat at least 3 times a month. Angela and I talk almost every day on the phone and when we visit each other, it usually involves spending a night or two or three and it's always hard to leave each other. Mother/Daughter trips are traditional with us, as are projects. Marriage is something they both wanted to wait to do and so that last string seems to be attached with super glue.

Do I have to cut it?
Who made that rule anyway?
What is the meaning behind the cutting?

I understand that entering into marriage changes things, new responsibilities, a changing of the guard so to speak and we all say, "You're not loosing a daughter but gaining a son" and I believe that...really. But there is something to be said when the bride is your baby girl. When her name will change and that emotional shift happens. Less momma, more hubby thing. I went through it, I think most brides do. Does it feel that way with son's? I guess I'll find that one out soon enough.

I have 10 more months before those scissors have to come out and planning a wedding is going to give me plenty of Momma/Daughter time...

I may just have to loose those scissors after all!

What scissors?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Washington ~ part two

The beauty in Washington is breathtaking. So many times I was reminded of all the camping trips of my youth. I couldn't take the smallest of walks without thinking of my Father, who loves the mountains and fresh air. I imagined my Mother gawking at all the flowers that grew everywhere you looked the way I did. It was difficult to process that these public parks looked so untouched and the people we ran into so friendly and courteous. Everything was wet with that magical mist that comes and goes on cue. Even the actual rain felt...rather dry and dissipated on your skin. I found myself breathing deeply knowing that the air was crisp and clean. I was constantly hungry, which is so unlike me. My little sis feed me well and we have this way of falling into place with one another that feels so natural. We make no rules when I'm there and are very spontaneous with our days. I laid down in bed at night with a smile having learned something new about her, Cedar and Boho Boy.

My sister is a wonderful Mother. She is patient and kind, gentle and wise. I told her that I saw a new assertiveness that has blossomed, I've never seen her so content and relaxed with her environment. She belongs right there, on that street, in that house for now.

Cedar is...precious, unique and incredibly funny. He understands some adult humor and many times I found my chin dropped to the floor saying, "what???how???smarty!!!" He enjoys imagination play on such a healthy intuitive level that one can't help but want to be a character in his world. I love him more than I expected to. Is that a strange thing to say? I knew I would love him, did from first sight, but I never expected to fall so deeply and feel so connected. I ache when I'm not with him. In his presence I feel so incredibly alive and loved.

Boho Boy works his patootie off with his growing business. He is a great tag team as a Daddy and also has such contentment in their little homey home. He escaped and went Kayaking one day, something I will do the next time I visit.

I'm convinced that they will all grow healthy here. That Washington love will invade their beings in such a way that only it can. I look forward to my next adventure there and appreciate what it has already given me. Thank you...

Denise and I always have a special moment when it's time for me to leave. We become silent...look into each other's eyes and hearts...and the tears start to flow. We hate leaving each other, always talk about adding a few more days, but I must return home. We belong together, so being apart is unnatural to us. I love her deeply, will always be her big sis, confidant and believe in her...she is so special...

I had to end this post with this picture again because it was not rehersed and happened right before I left. Cedar was using a straw as a microphone, leaned up against me and sang a little "auntie dd on the airplane" song. It was a slow sad song and we both felt that our time together was ending...smartie! ; )