Sunday, February 28, 2010

snow day

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if i didn't know any better... i'd think it had snowed!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the wedding

today felt like a weddingthat took place outside
and the sun broke through on cue
the flowers were gathered
arranged and made ready
then surrounded us all
the guests were on time
each one taking their place
the bouquet was thrown
and nature opened to a new beginning I don't know the words to explain how very beautiful the orchard is right now. It feels magical, smells so sweet and there is a tangible hush in the air. The branches reach out to one another and the rows create long arched tunnels covered with blooms. I walk through looking all around...there is such beauty everywhere and it's so overwhelming!

and yes, I cried
I wish I could share this experience with you
all I need is 3D!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

visitors to buzz about

As I drove down my long driveway,
I could see these dotting our property.
They came in many colors and make such a racket.
But these bee's are here for a very special purpose!
And these are our first almond blooms of the season
Just a few here and there, but with this weeks
sunny forecast, I imagine they'll be popping up
all over the place.
I have one very special fruit tree that has
5 different fruits grafted into one tree.
This should be a sight when in full bloom!
Right now there are only 2 different blooms open...this one...
...and this one
This visitor wasn't very welcome : (
But this one is here to stay!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dining in

This is an 'Anthurium'
plant that I purchased at this
fabulous little place. I think most
would call it a "hole in the wall"
a secret around this part of
Northern California.
It sits here on my dining room table
waiting for the perfect pot to be planted
in. One of the things that I promised myself
after we recently moved was that I would be
patient about making any purchases and not feel
rushed about decorating this house. We purged
ourselves of the things that had no real value
to us. I had the biggest load to get rid of. (call
me a pack rat...or rather a pack elephant)
This house feels sparse right now, but I
feel good about this decision. So, my
eyes are wide open for a vessel.
We will be dining here for Valentines Day
and plan to share it with new friends. I imagine
there will be candle light, crystal and sparkling cider.
A few stories shared here and there with a lot of laughter.
With funds being a little tight, creativity is in order
and making that day special by sharing it with
friends makes my heart very happy.
What are you planning to do?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

every farm needs one...

this chubby puppy
came home with the hubs
on Saturday afternoon
he is a boxer lab
and very feisty
now i have to rename
our resident owl
because the hubs stole
her name
and gave it to
the chubby puppy
whom i call "stinky"
because boy did he reek
and it took two baths
to get rid of that stench
his fur is very beautiful
white blond and fuzzy
rather wrinkly and too big
just like he was wearing
his daddy's coat
be bounces and bites
with his newly sharp teeth
and i know 2 chihuahua's
that don't like him very much
so how can I explain
that he doesn't mean to be rough
he's just a wee baby
that weighs
4 times as much
as you do!

Friday, February 5, 2010

lupus 101

This is a picture my daughter Angela took of herself yesterday with her cell phone. Then off it went to me because she knows that it will brighten my day no matter what else is going on. Yesterday I went to the hospital from the flare I had been suffering from for the last few days. I was a mess by the time my hubs wheeled me in. It has been 6 months since my last really bad episode, the lighter ones I can handle on my own.

Lupus behaves differently in everyone. After living 15 years with it, I still haven't figured out what triggers flares. Attacks are very random and can occure at any time of the day or night. I am often asked what happens to me during a flare, so I thought I would share the progression that takes place with you:

I start to feel really tired and worn out
a slight burning sensation begins in all of my joints
my skin becomes sensitive to the touch
my muscles begin to twitch and cramp with pain
electrical shocks race through my body
headache and nausea begin
my chest feels heavy and breathing becomes labored
pain increases around my bones

Then symptoms take it up a notch or two and I have been known to briefly pass out. All of this started up around Tuesday afternoon and by Thursday morning I cried, "Uncle" and the hubs took me in for a shot. We use the hospital pain level number system (severity of pain being at 1, 2, 3, -->10) to communicate where I am at in the flare. The shot slows most of this down and then I quietly rest through the remainder until all symptoms are under control. Like I stated earlier, the less intense flares I can handle on my own.

You may know someone with lupus and I am here if they need information, or just an ear to listen. Feel free to share any information that helps to combat pain, or any helpful keys to living with a chronic disease.