Wednesday, June 30, 2010

meet Meadow...

She's really cute..."hi...look at me, i'm cute!"

and a little feisty..."but oh so cute am i"

She is a miniature Golden Doodle..."i'm special"

and being a little stubborn with her potty training."but i'm cuuute!"

Mommy and Daddy already love her so much."see how big i am?"

Her big sister Callie Lu tries to keep her in line."come on, you love me!"

"She is quite annoying..." says, Callie Lu."...and cute only goes so far."

But everyone is happy..."because i'm c.u.t.e."

~Cedar Pic of the Day~"Ah Ha!"

Baby Bear often uncovered the evidence that Goldilocks left behind.

First Thailand Pic

This is the first picture Angela sent me from Thailand. Doesn't she look so happy?And then as her momma I notice the small things, like, she looks really tired...the humidity is bringing out the natural curl in her hair and, "Hey, isn't that MY necklace!?"
Ce la vie!

~Cedar Pic of the Day~
And then he realized his Supermarket Piggy wasn't so little after all...

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's me in..."1976"

This picture was sent to me by a friend and it goes waaay back to 1976! I was a Freshman in high school and a member of the bands drill team. We were the girls who twirled flags, capes and carried the banners. We also would compete locally against other drill teams and this was more like march dancing(?) If you haven't picked me out yet, I am sitting front row, second in from the left. I was so proud of those really long pony tails :)
The Internet is truly an amazing thing that brings so many old friends together.

~Cedar Pic of the Day~
"You said the Uggs were for me!"

Friday, June 25, 2010

"when a tree falls in the woods..."

it makes a very loud crack, whoosh, boom sound!As you can see this tree split apart 3 ways and so far has been the most unusual sight in our orchard. My husband was in the general area when it happened and he said it was an eerie experience.

This is how we watered our lawn today...We are draining the east gate because the underground pipe line is cracked and will be replaced tomorrow. (oh the unexpected expenses of our farm keep coming $$$ blah!)At least Zeus was entertained v..v

This weekend we are planning to start bike riding and my basket is ready.

Of course their is never ending landscaping to do.

And new music to listen to...Ingrid Michaelson ~ every body
Erin McCarley ~ Love, save the empty
Kate Nash ~ My Best Friend Is You
Feist ~ let it die

***so far I am LOVEing Erin McCarley***

~Cedar Pic of the Day~"Superhero's must save all bears from lonely tunnels."
Cedar K.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


She's off! And many prayers are being said to keep her and Jon safe...God speed you two :) How fun to be 25 and traveling the world! I will miss her extra because I have become very comfortable with her being home so much. I will miss her laughter, her cooking, morning/evening snuggles, gone is my shopping partner, errand runner and of course, they way she smells! Her father will miss her too, but he won't miss the little messes she leaves in her wake...i will though.Oh my darling, you even got me sewing again!I cherish that big smile of yours when I hand you the finished product...and I adore that you are so easy to sew for. Anything looks good on you ;)
(enough bragging already :)

Again, So long my love, keep safe, have a blast, cherish each moment and! Every single shop is going to feel like a "Clearance Sale" honey! I love you forever and I know you and Jon will make wise choices. Angels all around you :)

~Cedar Pic of the Day~Oh, you take your "Baby School" so seriously!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

purple & yellow

We loved mixing jewel tone purple with sunny yellow. What girl can resist a couple of big pockets? And so the whirrrr of my sewing machine keeps on humming.

~Cedar Pic of the Day~
Buddha Belly

(I especially love his oversized big toe ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

project frenzy

This is actually dress number 2. Dress number 1 has been packed already and Angela squished it into the smallest neatest square possible that I didn't have the heart to unpack it. She leaves in 2 more days and I just got off the phone with her lamenting about having to spend $ for polarized sun glasses. Silly girl. For 6 weeks she will be trekking around Thailand and other various places and I won't have much of a clue where or when. I am SO not used to that with either of my children. Apron strings hurt when they are cut...seriously.

So for today, I'm onto the next project, dress number 3 and the clock is really ticking now :)

~Cedar Pic of the Day~
love him!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

my daddy

I had almost 9 years as a single child before my sisters came along, so I have a few memories all my own, small things, but none less important. When our family decided to move West to California, leaving behind the chilly winters of Massachusetts, my daddy got a job at Hunt's Tomato Factory. It was right across the street from where we lived and I could hear the whistle blow at the lunch hour and then at 5pm. I would stand near the front window waiting for him to come home. He always smelled like vinegar and cooked tomatoes. I unlaced his shoes, removed them and then placed them under the stairs. That was my job and I took it very seriously.

At night you could always find me sitting on the back of the couch with a comb and a baggie of spongy pink rollers. My daddy's hair was slick black, thick and shiny. I wrapped his hair around as many rollers that could fit, I later passed on this ritual to my little sisters and we all remember the greasy feel of our fingers and the smell of our daddy's head. Don't worry daddy, it was always a clean smell. A shower cap was used in place of a hair dryer and taking out the rollers was just as fun as putting them in. What patience you had with us because we each had to have a turn and eventually you had 3 of us!

Shortly later, we bought our first house and you enrolled into the Police Academy. I remember the meticulous care you invested in being responsible for having a gun. You systematically cleaned it, laying all the tools in a row with a small pile of cotton cloths. I can still smell the gun metal and powder residue. As I sat there watching, you lectured about gun safety, which struck a fearful respect in me for a lifetime. I felt pride when seeing you in your uniform, your shiny badge and hat. And then later when you became the City's first Motorcycle Officer. You are special and very courageous.

I was right there when you shined your shoes, when you built brick walls for landscaping, when you poured cement and used your table saw, I watched you a lot. What you did with your hands fascinated me and I never got bored. I guess what I'm remembering the most is all the time I spent just simply hanging out with you. I don't remember every exact conversation but I do remember thinking you were the smartest, most talented daddy in the whole world and I was lucky to have you.

I am still lucky to have you...I love you daddy!

Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 19, 2010


If you are someone who takes pictures with their phone, or perhaps you have a family member who sends pictures to your phone, if you choose to save them, you are able to use them as your phone Wallpaper.

And with that said...what someone chooses to use as their wallpaper says something about them...yes?

My nephew Cedar is my internal wallpaper. I love seeing his sweet little funny face everyday. He makes me smile and we all need more of that :)

What have you put on your internal Wallpaper?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Time is zooming by. Angela moved in, we've had house guests, and summer has turned up the heat...literally. Last week I was caught off guard with 100 degree weather and suffered some heat sickness. We're still mapping out our landscaping, been to a few nursery's and purchased some fabulous Monrovia.(Flower Carpet Roses) Those are going in this week along with some lawn. It is all so time consuming and with Angela here I find myself a little dysfunctional and just want to spend every minute with her...

She has me sewing dresses for her trip to Thailand. I haven't sewn for years, but it was something I often did for her when she was little. (Oh the Holiday dresses I made!) We went absolutely banana's picking out material(first picture) and now I just hope I can get them all done before she leaves. This week she is with my sister(boho girl) and she is snuggling with Cedar and marinating in the sweetness that is my sister's home. So, while Ang is away...

...this is where you can find me :)
either that, or with dirt under my nails that hopefully will bring some beauty to this ol farm.

Friday, June 4, 2010

~weekend outlook~

be grateful for produce

mourn our recent losses

turn losses into gains

nurture the newlings

put vitamins into the ground

take breaks to breathe in the beauty

give thanks to the Lord...
for so much more than this

Thursday, June 3, 2010

landscaping frenzie

I'm putting everyone around here to work on some landscaping and stealing some idea's from my neighbor. I have some crazy "full sun" very hot area's right next to "full shade" area's and my brainstorming has me running around in circles!

Help! Do you have a favorite plant that has worked well in your yard?

Do share :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

faerie princess

We went to a wedding this weekend and this little faerie princess captured every ones heart. She is the grand daughter of one of our best friends.

A very quick change of clothes...striking a pose...

performing her rose petal duty for the day...

ready for a nap in Papa's arms...

Weddings are always joyous occasion's and probably the best excuse for a party with old friends. But, getting to be the faerie princess for this celebration is right up there in the top 10!