Tuesday, June 2, 2009

rain dance

the lightening cracked, the thunder roared and rain suddenly poured from the sun streaked sky. i bolted off the couch and ran into my backyard, i wanted to feel it on my skin and hair, my face turned skyward and my mouth automatically opened. i stood there with arms open wide blinking away soft eyelash drops. inside i felt thirsty, this surprise storm being just what i needed in that seized moment. i calmly walked around observing how sacred rain effects each thing in the yard, my thin cotton nightgown being the perfect attire for this dance. again lightening lit up the sky along with the immediate crack and boom of thunder. the storm was passing directly over me and the rain quickened with this demand. in the middle of my lawn i turned in circles, smiling upward in thanksgiving and laughed at the sight of me. in this childlike moment i realized how safe my existence has become and that i need spontaneous rain dances to occur in all the area's of my life.


Jack K. said...

Congratulations on having the opportunity to dance with the rain drops and seizing it.

When you are pure of heart and soul you need not fear the lightening.

Mary Timme said...


denise lynnette andrade said...

wish i could have a rain soaked dance with you.


i love you sis.
i love your passion.

BJ said...

Have been absent for awhile. Came to say hello.

Darlene! I can feel the raindrops on my face & skin! Beautiful lady.....I hope you are doing well.

turquoise cro said...

Yes, me too! Been absent for a while too! Was checking something in my archives and came onto a comment from YOU!!! How are YOU??!!! Fine and Dandy I think if YOU are outside rain dancing! DANCE ON!!!

Wanda said...

Your rain dance delighted me, and I had to do a little dance in my living room just to get the feel of spinning in circles... Of course I didn't get lushious rain drops on my lips.

You are my darling... and with you free spirit, will never never grow old...

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

sweet expressions said...

what an inspiration the rain dance is
thanks for sharing

hugs to you