Thursday, January 13, 2011


~ i hear the sounds of someone trying not to make a sound ~

this is what i think when my daughter cries, holding her breath as she pushes that emotion down as deep as it will go, when i announce to her that i am too unwell to attend the plans for that day.

this is not a slight of her character, just the evidence of the burden she bares at seeing me, watching my face droop with the pain, i am feeling that moment.

i close my eyes and concentrate on breathing, but in between each breath i can hear the hushed voices, the tissues that wipe away tears and the footsteps that lighten around me.

this is a scene that i cannot rewrite.


Wanda said...

Holding you in my heart, my dear Darlene...
Wanda Mom

Katie said...

wrapping you up in love and healing energies. You are a wonderful woman and the world is better with you in it!

sweet expressions said...

hoping you will feel better and blessings for when you do the quality time you will spend with your daughter

Kara said...

sending you a bit of virtual love, and extra hugs for your beautiful family! be good to yourself, get rest, and know that you are loved!