Tuesday, August 23, 2011

that last apron string...

Do we ever really cut that last apron string?If so, I've thrown away my scissors...

All I think about these days is our daughter's upcoming wedding. An event that will forever change our families. We are increasing in size and adding some wonderful souls to our lives. I love Jon and his family are the most warm and friendly peaceful folks. This picture of Angela and I was taken at the Engagement Party that was hosted by Jon's parents. Someone grabbed my camera and said "cheese" but I can't remember who? All of Angela's & Jon's closest friends were there, along with family and friends from both sides. The spirit was loving and their home was filled with the most incredible group of people I have been around in a long time. I will treasure the memory of that day for years on end. (the food...oh, the food!)

But back to that apron...I am blessed with very close relationships with both of my adult children. Mark and I talk a few times a week, visit here and there and go out to eat at least 3 times a month. Angela and I talk almost every day on the phone and when we visit each other, it usually involves spending a night or two or three and it's always hard to leave each other. Mother/Daughter trips are traditional with us, as are projects. Marriage is something they both wanted to wait to do and so that last string seems to be attached with super glue.

Do I have to cut it?
Who made that rule anyway?
What is the meaning behind the cutting?

I understand that entering into marriage changes things, new responsibilities, a changing of the guard so to speak and we all say, "You're not loosing a daughter but gaining a son" and I believe that...really. But there is something to be said when the bride is your baby girl. When her name will change and that emotional shift happens. Less momma, more hubby thing. I went through it, I think most brides do. Does it feel that way with son's? I guess I'll find that one out soon enough.

I have 10 more months before those scissors have to come out and planning a wedding is going to give me plenty of Momma/Daughter time...

I may just have to loose those scissors after all!

What scissors?


Kara said...

you and your daughter are absolutely gorgeous! and trust me, no need to cut those strings just yet! speaking from my own life.... i have needed my momma as a married woman almost as much as i needed her as a kid!! :)

Jack K. said...

It is easy to see where your daughter got her good looks.

Cutting the "apron strings" is a rite of passage for both the "child" and the parent. It is at the time of marriage that our children really set their path to independence. Who knows how soon she will have children to guide and prepare to go out into the world on their own. That is the primary job we parents are required to do. If we are lucky, they will appreciate all we have done to prepare them. If we are lucky, they will do themselves proud and therefor us.

My best to you all.

Serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart and soul.


fullsoulahead.com said...

Congratulations! On your daughter's engagement and on the beautiful relationship you have, which will continue to evolve. Gorgeous...both of you.

Wanda said...

Hi Sweetheart~
You and Angela are so drop dead gorgeous....

Apron strings......I think I'm more involved in my adult childrens lives than I was when they were under my roof.

Parenting sure does continue so I have really long apron strings. The role is different..the role is the same.

My trip to Hughson is on temporary hold, as I'm dealing with some gall bladder problems. More on that later.

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom