Saturday, July 12, 2008


counting on her
counting on me
facing each other
sisters are we

her steps are felt
so close to mine
even in distance
of space or time

grounded together
equal and free
facing each other
sisters are we

one step closer
you in my arms
head on my shoulder
blocking all harm

counting on you
counting on me
this place in time
so simply lovely


Mary Timme said...

Beautiful as what you usually say usually is. You are a source of amazement and insiration to me always, Darlene! You and tropicana roses and lavender!

Boho Girl said...


so, so perfect and beautiful and "us".

tears spilling over.
i hear you and am holding you too.

i love you sis.

dreamergirl said...

o this is beautiful.

Boho Girl said...

ohhhh...i came back again to read this and cried!

you are such a lovely poet and i love how you captured us here.

so absolutely perfectly us.

i love you beaucoup.

Wanda said...

What a treasure you and Denise have~~~

You words made me laugh and perfect the picture of sisters...

Love and Hugs this Sunday Morning!
Wish I was going to church with you!!
Wanda Mom

sweet expressions said...

what a wonderful poem of you and your sister. your words are certainly heartfelt!


Eileen W. said...

so sweet and heartfelt!

LEstes65 said...

I feel like I know your family. I love this post. Sisters are so awesome.