Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When I first started blogging, I remember thinking that there would be endless pictures for me to take and that there would be so many topics to choose from, that I would be dizzy with choosing. 2 years later...I find myself struggling with my own boring writers voice and I feel stuck.

Is this what writers block feels like?
Even my journals are blank.
My prayers have been filled with a quiet meditation
and the words have been few and to the point.
This is so unlike me
and so very...unexpected.

So, I feel that I need to ask for your forgiveness, as the tears dry upon my cheeks. And I need to ask the same to my creative voice...I have silenced her for way too long. I realized that waiting for inspiration can often lead to dead ends and it's okay to turn around and back track my own steps until I find a side road or two. Or, maybe I need to retell some of the stories that have shaped my life and made me who I am. Regardless, the most important and least expected information I can give you today...is me

I am Darlene.


Dana and Daisy said...

I am going through a dry spell with my art work, It is okay! this too shall pass.

Mary Timme said...

And being that you are Darlene is enough for me. We all hit those patches. I've surely had them. Just be kind to yourself and you'll come back.

Angela Marie said...

and I love you.

Wanda said...

and I love you too. And I would love to hear the stories of your life retold and how they shaped you into the lovely that I admire and find inspiration from.

Loving on you....
Wanda Mom.

dreamergirl said...

love you too.


Jack K. said...

Welcome to the club. It may be enough to know that there a lot of folks who love you enough to wait for the next posting. They, too, may be going through a dry spell.

I find that I get the greatest ideas when I am away from the computer and then can't remember them when I get back to it.

I am satisfied by reading and making comments on other's blogs.

I know that Erato will come back in her own good time. In the meantime I will continue to lurk/comment, etc.

Thanks for letting us know you are still around.

Great photo.

Now there is an inspiration. Post more photos. Who needs to write an explanation when you have a good photo?

Just a thought.

Vanessa said...

dry spells abound in blogworld. for many reasons. i think they're a large part of what it's all about. but knowing you can come back and share or vent or just read at any time is such a lovely thing. love you and have missed you. and know that, whatever you care to share, i'll be listening (well, reading ;)

Angela Recada said...

I so understand what you are going through! I avoided starting a blog until just a few months ago, when I finally just jumped into the blogging world, thinking I'd finally have enough to say and show.

Now my thoughts and ideas all seem to disappear when I finally sit down to write or create. I've been digging in my past trying to find my lost and forgotten dreams for my future.

Sometimes just being present is enough. Just breathe deeply. . . I wish you well.

Annie said...

And we love you Darling Girl. Much gentle hugs and great love to you - it doesn't sound right, but that's the words I'm typing.

Be kind be gentle. Relax, Receive and Rejoice.

With love from Down Under

Ahah! The verification is 'consvnn' conservation perhaps?

Lady Prism said...

I too, sometimes feel this way.

sweet expressions said...

you will find your muse to blog again when you are ready

love and hugs