Thursday, November 27, 2008


Could anyone be more thankful than this?
This picture is worth a thousand words...


BJ said...

What a beautiful picture of momma & baby Cedar! Blessings abound!

My wishes for you & your family are a blessed Thanksgiving Day! We all have so much to be thankful for.

Hugs to you Darlene!

dreamergirl said...

It's beautiful.
They are beautiful :)

Happy thanksgiving.

Much love to you

Toni said...

I feel nothing but warmth and thankfulness from these photos.

and to you big warm hugs. Will be e-mailing soon, just been crazily busy the past few months.

Love Toni

Lady Prism said...

I have followed her story for a long time. It felt like a personal joy when mother and son finally met. Magic. Just utterly, undeniably magic! It gave such a spark to my,it made me believe that dreams can really come true.


Wanda said...

Nothing could be more beautiful ~~~

Vanessa said...

so true
so beautiful
so very glad

sweet expressions said...

wonderful, it is the magic that dreams are made of!

peace and love