Friday, January 15, 2010

about fruits and nuts

Did you know that an almond tree has been grafted from a peach tree? I know...I was surprised to and I don't know all the details concerning it, but I do have this picture from our orchard. I came upon this by accident from taking a different route. Right away I remembered the grafting information and it is very obvious here. Peach tree in the center, almond tree for the rest of its life.

and then I thought...

I guess we all start out kind of fruity and end up a little nuts :)


Wanda said...

Dar ~ That's so interesting!!

You know the inside of a peach pit looks just like an almond, but bitter.

Miss Farmer ~~ thanks for this new education I'm getting!

My dad loved to graft trees. We had a apple tree with three different variety of apples on it.

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Vanessa said...

that last line cracked me up!
love to you