Tuesday, January 5, 2010

helping hands

We had the pleasure of family visiting us last weekend. With one very big strong boyfriend and one teensie tough little daughter, we found plenty for them to do, here on the farm. What guy wouldn't want to drive this big toy?! Our main tractor has the rake attached to the front of it. My husband was giving Jon lessons in maneuvering it around the almond tree rows because we had brush that needed to be scooped up and thrown onto the burn pile. We had previously spent the week before doing some extensive pruning and all those branches get put into neat little rows. Jon was very excited and looked like a pro in no time.

No rest for the weary...when that was done Angela and Jon prepared to pound the mummies (leftover clinging almonds) off the trees. This little red cutie is our mule and makes traveling around 18 acres much easier. As you can see...they are both putting on their game faces. (poor trees)

Actually, they are seldom serious and enjoyed the fresh air muscle using work. Jon would smack the base of the tree with one hard "whack" and then Angela hit off the left overs (called polling). They got every single tree done...good job guys! :)

This picture was taken from so far away because I am behind the camera and warm & cozy in my house.

I don't mind pruning. I don't mind stacking brush in neat little rows. And I love driving the mule...but I refuse to be around when the trees are being whacked. Certain parts of farming make me wince...I am still exploring why I feel this way. I spend a lot of time walking these rows and the trees and I really like each other. Call me a tree hugger if you will...because I'm not going to deny that I haven't hugged one or two...or more ;)


Wanda said...

The Farmer in the Denair, The Farmer in Denair, Hi O the Dairy O the Farmer in Denair....

What a delightful set of photos, Darlene... I so loving you farm, I want to come walk those rows with you.

It's good to see you have such handsome help.... Jay looks so happy!

We are so loving that you are loving your new surroundings

Love and Hugs all the time
Wanda Mom and Pastor Dad

Michelle Shopped said...

i would say dryad or wood nymph -- most likely dryad -- one recognizes kindred spirits, you know? what do you think?
happy 2010!

boho girl said...

tree hugger lover faerie.

i love you sis.
i so want to ride that tractor!!

i heart ang and jon.


fullsoulahead.com said...

Darlene the tender hearted.

Thank God you aren't on a cattle ranch.

mindy tsonas said...

hello lovely, my it's been too long... i've been thinking about you and just wanted to say hello... "hello". it's so beautiful over here. can't wait to catch up. hope you've been happy and well. here's a long overdue hug...xo