Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dining in

This is an 'Anthurium'
plant that I purchased at this
fabulous little place. I think most
would call it a "hole in the wall"
a secret around this part of
Northern California.
It sits here on my dining room table
waiting for the perfect pot to be planted
in. One of the things that I promised myself
after we recently moved was that I would be
patient about making any purchases and not feel
rushed about decorating this house. We purged
ourselves of the things that had no real value
to us. I had the biggest load to get rid of. (call
me a pack rat...or rather a pack elephant)
This house feels sparse right now, but I
feel good about this decision. So, my
eyes are wide open for a vessel.
We will be dining here for Valentines Day
and plan to share it with new friends. I imagine
there will be candle light, crystal and sparkling cider.
A few stories shared here and there with a lot of laughter.
With funds being a little tight, creativity is in order
and making that day special by sharing it with
friends makes my heart very happy.
What are you planning to do?

1 comment:

Wanda said...

Love the beauty and simplicity of your dining table and plant.

Wish I was dining in with you.

We had the boys, Nick and Jon all weekend. Lots of fun making Valentine goodies with them.

Happy Valentines Day to a VERY SPECIAL couple.... Love you and Jay!