Sunday, February 14, 2010

visitors to buzz about

As I drove down my long driveway,
I could see these dotting our property.
They came in many colors and make such a racket.
But these bee's are here for a very special purpose!
And these are our first almond blooms of the season
Just a few here and there, but with this weeks
sunny forecast, I imagine they'll be popping up
all over the place.
I have one very special fruit tree that has
5 different fruits grafted into one tree.
This should be a sight when in full bloom!
Right now there are only 2 different blooms open...this one...
...and this one
This visitor wasn't very welcome : (
But this one is here to stay!


Wanda said...

Darlene ~~ You are making me miss Hughson, the blossoms, the bees, the beauty when the sun causes those trees to burst in bloom overnight..... sigh...I do miss you too.

Wonderful pictures to prick my memory.

Jack K. said...

What a wonderful time of the year.

Thanks for sharing the photos. I can hardly wait to see photos of the trees in full bloom.

Wanda said...

Dar ~~ I left you a message on my comment today after reading yours!!

Deb said...

Bee keeping, almond blossoms and sweet Zeus ~ everything is looking beautiful in your corner of the world ♥