Friday, October 29, 2010

meet pandora

Today we adopted a new puppy and named her Pandora. We have always talked about having 2 dogs to live on and protect the farm. Pandora is half Great Pyrenees and half Anatolian Shepherd, both are very large breeds, some as big as Saint Bernard's. Zeus now has a playmate and I have puppy duty...not a small task. Tonight will be her first night away from her 8 brothers and sisters, I will be feeling her sorrow and probably loosing a little sleep. yay.

I have been skyping all day with my sister. Showing her, Cedar and Boho boy a very fat & fuzzy puppy. She looks like a stuffed animal, unreal, but then Cedar thinks stuffed animals are all real anyway ; )


Wanda said...

Pandora is adorable. Oh I just want to hold her.

Can you email me your phone number, we will be in Turlock this weekend.

Love and hugs
Wanda Mom

Anne-Marie said...

Pandora looks ridiculously snuggle-able. She has her best innocent face on but I bet she's already into all kinds of mischief!

Deb said...

Welcome Pandora ♥ What a little sweetheart!

Brooke said...

Pandora is going to be awesome as your second farm dog! What a great life ~ and what a fuzzball. :)