Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sidewalk yummies

Visiting the boho family in San Diego. I arrived on Saturday and will be here until Thursday. My sister is glowing with motherhood, Cedar is so much bigger and boho boy looks adorable in his scruffy beard and wavy long hair. Ours days have been filled with toddler play (like sidewalk chalk) and non stop conversations. Regardless of where we take Cedar, or what he wears...people refer to him as "she." Yes, he is just that beautiful!

New stuff about Cedar:

~Anything "Stinky" is hilarious
~Tractors are really really really cool (thank you uncle jj)
~Chasing and hiding games rule
~Running is faster and falling is harder
~Everyone in the room must have a turn too
~Affection flows freely (the best hugs and kisses ever!)
~Berenstain Bears rock
~Stuffed animals are alive (just what my sister thought too)
~"I can do it myself" ; )
~Wakes up from his naps a little taller
~"Yucky" is pretty funny too

He is all boy...pretty...but all boy. I always cherish these visits and my hubby? He counts the hours until I am home again ; ) love you babe


MammaIselin said...

Cedar is such a cutie! People keep refering my son as 'she' aswell, he got these really pretty eyes that makes people think of him as a girl. My mother always says he's cute as a girl, meaning he's really really good looking hehe. Btw, first time I heard Cedars name I fell so hard! I love that name so much, but because of where we live it couldn't fit at all, would sound like cider and that would be like calling him vodka, not good hehe.

Wanda said...

What a doll, and how he is growing. I don't often comment on your sister's blog, but I visit there often to see Cedar... He is ALL BOY beautiful.

boho girl said...

yummy auntie that notices everything...and sees him the way we do. it means the world to me, to us...

miss you already.