Tuesday, December 2, 2008

first kiss

I get to meet this little man tomorrow
I get to see my sister and my boho brother as parents
I get to pick him up, stare into his beautiful face
and say, "welcome lil cedar"
then I will hold him very close to my heart
and give him a small gentle first kiss
from me
and then many more will follow that one


Jack K. said...

What a sweet photo. There is something about the innocence of a child that will melt your heart.

Please give him an extra, little hug from us.

You are fortunate to share in the love that surrounds that little guy. Thanks for sharing with us.

Vanessa said...

i'm so happy you're getting to kiss and cuddle with your new nephew so soon!!
bliss out :)

BJ said...

I'm so happy for you and your entire family! How wonderful for baby Cedar to be in your family with all of this love surrounding him! Much love to all of you!

sweet expressions said...

I to am so very happy for the entire family. Cedar will feel the love!!!

hugs and peace

Mary Timme said...

Now that is so beautiful I almost cried! How neat is the magic a nearly Christmas/sometimes Thanksgiving baby. Our daughter was born on the 24th of November and she hates pumpkin anything.

poet said...

congratulations, aunty. all the best to your sister & brother in law and new addition to their family. what a handsome little devil. all the best.
HUGZ, poet.

Boho Girl said...

yummy you.
i love you.