Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happens every day

This past week I had the blessing of spending it with my daughter Angela. Some real quality momma/daughter time...this does not happen every day. I wish it was able to happen more than it does, but I'll take a few days here and there when we can.
We did do some site seeing in San Francisco and the flora that grows there is mind blowing. Especially the succulents, they thrive off of that crisp sea does my daughter :)
This flower grew from one of them and it was huge. These pictures don't do them justice. Their sizes are amazing.

With summer peeking around the corner, I always begin thinking of the books I want to read. "Happens Every Day" by Isabel Gillies is a fabulous read. She is laugh out loud funny and had me crying in the same chapter. I enjoyed her contagious positive attitudes during the most heart breaking of moments and the very powerful humility that defines her. Notice how I didn't give you the plot? This ones worth picking up. What books do you recommend?


True Girl said...

My favorite book is "Joy in the Morning" by Betty Smith (author of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn")

It is such a sweet story and is achingly endearing. I absolutely love it. :-)

Wanda said...

Good Morning my darling Darlene~~
What a delicious picture of you and Angela. I can feel the love between you two. You both look wonderful.

The succulents are unreal. I love the ones I have too.

I had never heard of this book, but it you loved it I know I will too. Will put it on my list of things to read this summer as I'm sure I will have many time of waiting during my radiation.

Love and Hugs my dear
Wanda Mom

sweet expressions said...

what a wonderful time you must have had I enjoy the time spent with my daughter and son
your photos are beautiful

hope you get all the summer reads you are looking for

peace and hugs

Eileen W. said...

It looks like you two are having a luscious time together. Real mama and daughter love time!! Good for you!!
I have not read Prodigal Summer yet, but have been meaning to.