Tuesday, April 7, 2009

jokes on me

So, I woke up this morning to sunshine and clear skies.
Left for the dentist in a light skirt and top.
While sitting in the chair it began to pour.
Not just your average rainfall...it poured and poured!
My dental hygienist said, "Talk about April showers!"
and I smiled to myself.
The joke was on me
as I entered my car soaking wet.
Nature heard me complain
and decided to prove me wrong :)

Here are some of the flowers in my yard
that benefited from such a gripe.

Have you recently been caught in the rain?


Jack K. said...

No, but hope springs eternal.

Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers.

I can hardly wait for Spring to get serious here.

Dana and Daisy said...

wow! dahlia's already? hope you found a warm towel when you got home.

sweet expressions said...

I did get caught in the rain, shorts, sandals and all but have to admit it felt good it felt as though
I had been cleansed for the spring a rejuvenation of sorts!

very pretty flowers


Wanda said...

Flowers are beautiful, but I would have preferred a picture of you soaking wet....bet you looked adorable....

LOL:Wanda Mom

Amy said...

I love photographing flowers after it rains because the colors are so lush and the raindrops so crisp. Beautiful shots!

I did recently get caught in the rain. I was walking into work under a slight drizzle, very fresh and sweet and soft. I was seriously thinking, "isn't this the most tender shower ever?" Seconds later I heard the heaviest and loudest rainfall pounding the pavement behind me - and all I could think was, "good lord, RUN!" but I was so caught off guard that I actually just stood there for a minute.

I imagine that Nature had read my mind and thought, "oh how sweet, but i'll show her!"