Saturday, April 25, 2009

staircase to somewhere

the sign says "no"
but it's ever so small
one could easily step over it
would you?

I wouldn't because all signs must be obeyed. That is how I was brought up and I would be afraid to ignore the signs message, but... I would wonder where it lead to? I can see myself with children, pointing out the staircase and making them read the sign out loud. Later, while tucking them in bed, I would weave a fine tale and paint their imaginations with adventure and priceless treasure. I would leave the story open ended so that they could add their own magic to it. Then, much later on, I would have to frame the picture and give it to them as a gift...a reminder of our time together.

the sign says "no"
but it's ever so small
one could easily step over it
would you?


Mary Timme said...

Nope, because I was raised to obey the signs I read. Looks like we were raised by the same parents, so how come I never knew you before blogging? :D!

Wanda said...


I would rather be tucked in bed with your beautiful, smile and the talent you have to spin a tale of excitment and adventure. You are a master story teller, and I can feel goose bumps aready...

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Jack K. said...

No. Not sure why. Must be some instruction I received when I was younger.

Of course I would wonder what was up there.

Hopefully another perspective of the scene might give a few clues as to what was at the top.

I really like your idea of storytelling. That takes class. And, you are a class act.

Thanks for sharing.

sweet expressions said...

I was raised the same to obey but I would like you let my imagination run it's course

peace and hugs

Full Soul Ahead! said...

I might. I just might.