Wednesday, August 20, 2008

beauty from onions

yes...I did say onions
this is what happens
when you let your chives bloom

I guess one could say that
given a reasonable amount of time
even a little stinker
can end up looking pretty

who knew?


Mary Timme said...

I love the big purple puff balls that they sell as a flowering plant too. Isn't it weird that such gas producing plants can grow so prettily?

I'm still trying to get the Brillante Award to show up on my computer. I've even gone to the html of it and not gotten it. Sigh.

Wanda said...

Who woulda thought....!

Too pretty for a baked potato!!

Love ya
Wanda Mom

sweet expressions said...

stinky weeds always have pretty blooms!

I agree with Wanda.. who woulda thought!!

peace and love

chulita4 said...

Yes, I agree that there is beauty deep inside of every single being or living thing in this planet. This is hard for me to remember sometimes when I just focus on the outside rather than taking the time to look deeper with the mind's eye and with the hear. Beautiful simple post.

Trish Ryan said...

Who knew, indeed! And the joy of growing something that's both pretty and nourishing (okay, I'm not sure how much actual nourishment lurks under those pretty flowers, but humor me...) is almost enough to inspire me to try this on my own.

Jack K. said...

Beauty surprises us many times by showing up where we least expect it. Just look at the beauty in many of the blogs we spend time reading.

Hope all is well with that lump thingy. Glad to know you are taking such good care of yourself.

Keep on truckin'.

Wanda said...

Dad and I got your card today... tears came to our eyes... You are our darling daughter of the heart... Loving on you big time.

Love and Hugs forever
Wanda Mom and Pastor Dad