Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm ok ~ You're ok

After looking at the results from the last few days of testing, I am amazed that I even detected anything in the first was so incredibly small and will be an easy fix. Besides having faithful once a year mammograms, I check myself often and it's routine to me. That is why I noticed even the slightest change. I want to encourage you to do the same, it just may save your life, or make things simple to deal with and we could all use some simplicity, right? (I will have a sonogram on the 20th to determine the next step, again...I feel so much peace inside :)
Baxter is fine too. His situation was a reaction to a rabies shot injection site and is temporary swelling...whew! I think it's still a sympathy bump ;)

front room nap
exhaustion takes it's toll
I close my eyes
and clutch the pillow whole
the sun is creeping in
rolled in a ball with
dappled heat upon my skin
the day comes to an end
I'm satisfied and
fought the fight again


LEstes65 said...

So do you have results? I wasn't clear after reading this. I'm glad Bax is fine.

My sister just had a large lump found in her breast. It had roots and they immediately referred her to an oncolgyst. This was a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone we know has been covering her in prayer. Some heavy duty prayer. She got her results yesterday from her lumpectomy. BENIGN!!!! WOO-HOO!!! God totally rocks.

Love you...

sweet expressions said...

Glad to hear that baxter is doing well, also very glad that you are as well.

hugs to you

Mary Timme said...

Ok is not well, necessarily, so is the fix easy? Is that what you are saying.

Glad Baxter is doing okay too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glad to hear but like the others a little unclear, will you have to have an operation. I know with all the prayers for you you will be fine

Take care

Jo (Sydney)

Darlene said...

the sonogram will determine if it is a solid or a liquid and what the next step will be...

...maybe something as easy as extraction by needle, I've taken so many needles for the lupus that it will be about as eventful as brushing my teeth :)

Thank you so much for your concern...I appreciate all the love


Dana Jones said...

Darlene. I continue in my prayers for you. I want to share with you that I had a lump on my mammogram two years ago, and I went through the very same steps. Still after the sonogram, they were not sure and I had a needle biopsy done. I was scared as would anyone be. Through that process I learned that the team I had simply did not make assumptions. My biopsy was benign. I pray that you will have a thorough and accurate result and that God will walk through all of the stages of feelings and thoughts you are having.

Michelle O'Neil said...


Vanessa said...

thinking of you, darlene... wishing for an easy fix. and grateful for this reminder that we all need to check ourselves out regularly.