Thursday, March 19, 2009

double take

Being a succulent lover, I was shocked when I found this fake plant in a Pier 1 import store. Yes, I said fake. Who is it that spends their time getting paid to invent perfect looking fake foliage? Well, I just had to buy it and now it graces my house. I think pretend plants are going to make a come back in home decor, dispelling their gauche reputation. Kudos to this had me fooled. How about you?


Wanda said...

Love Pier 1 Inports and love your new succulent!!! Wow, it looks so real, I think I would forget and water it!!!

I have a few "fake" flowers in my home and love them.

You are my special flower today, and I'm loving on you big time!
Wanda Mom

Wanda said...

Was so busy ready your stories, I just noticed your new banner, and sidebar....COOL..... Did Sis, design it????

Jack K. said...

You had me fooled. It looks so alive.

Great photo.

Love the new layout, too. Thanks to Wanda for the alert.

Mary Timme said...

I love the new plant. Yeah, I wonder who does get paid for making the first of the fakes in plants. Hmmmm. Good question.

sweet expressions said...

that plant had me fooled as well

it's cute though I would have been like you and bought it had I seen it
hey maybe I will run to pier 1 and get one too!


LEstes65 said...

A) It's adorable.
B) No one would know it's fake if you didn't tell them.
C) Since most living plants die in my house, fake is the most humane way to go.
D) You rock.