Sunday, March 29, 2009

april showers...

With March nearly gone and April right around the corner, we begin our spring planting. Veggies for the garden and planters that still have the remnants of last years experiments...evaluating what was happy and what wasn't. But, in my head I'm always reciting, "April showers bring May flowers."

Do you have April showers?...and where do you hail from? Here, in California, we are desperate for water and April is generally a pretty dry month. The wind is howling outside blowing plenty of pollen around, but no rain. There aren't any dark clouds in the sky, just a cotton ball here and there. Our temperature is nearly 80 and that is about normal for spring where I live.

I love the rain and found myself sitting outside under the protection of our awning this winter. It seems to silence everything around you, commanding attention. So, I will continue to recite April's verse, hoping for rain and in the meantime, use plenty of SPF while I do my planting.


Dana and Daisy said...

we usually have a deluge in April! But yesterday we had snow. Today it is melting and we have a big mud pie in our front yard! But boy does it get hot and humid here in summer!

Jack K. said...

Sorry to learn of your dry spell. Here in Kansas we just had a weekend of winter. In Lansing we only got a couple of inches of snow on Saturday. It melted on Sunday.

We got our first grass cutting last week and the lawn is getting beautifully green. The photo on the banner will give you an idea of how it will look in April.

Have fun with your plantings. We gave up our vegetable garden more than ten years ago.

Wanda said...

Sorry the allegeries are getting to you...

I had a touch of something the other day when the wind blew...something was in the air, and my eyes watered for two days.
Better now.... Hope you are too.

I think Pastor Dad, will want to plant tomatoes again this year.

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Jenny said...

Wanna switch geographical locations? I'm in DC and the rain won't stop (except for a little bit of sunshine this afternoon, thank goodness). I miss those dry California days.

LEstes65 said...

We're in drought in the Austin area. When we get April showers, they are usually accompanied by severe thunderstorms and the occasional tornadic activity. It can be exciting and terrifying. Each spring, the storm season always shows me how to trust God more.

Also, our April showers - when they ARE prolific - can flood. Right here, our land is on top of LOTS of rock. Not much to absorb the water. So we have flash floods and large open storm sewers that used to freak me out (an adult can fit through them and I was paranoid my young boys would fall in). But they get the high rushing water into safe waterways.

I love the spring here. I love a good severe thunderstorm - as long as God keeps the lightening away from me and my house!

sweet expressions said...

I am in your neck of the woods and yes I enjoy the rain but have to admit I am enjoying the spring time

I too have been telling myself the April Showers verse


Mary Timme said...

You've been sending your wind to us I think. In the Denver Metro area we are still dry, but not as bad as we were. Usually March is our snowiest month, but we've had a couple of weeks of cold and snow and even some rain. Not much, but some. So this month is our flip month when we flip back and forth. Snow one day, heat the next. Mountains are fabulous today. Don't even look real!

Wanda said...

Hey Darling Darlene ~~~
Dad and I received our most excellent cards and were touched again to tears.

Your cards are exquisite, but your personal words to each of us blessed us beyond, beyond....

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom and Pastor Dad