Friday, March 6, 2009

This creation was inspired by the newly sprouting green and the brown of tree bark. The first one I made as a gift for a birthday. The second you see here has been adorning my own neck. Be inspired by your own surroundings :)


Mary Timme said...

I think it will look beautiful on you! I love the dish/plate/charger it is on also. Nice choice. Love the bee in the last post. I've sort of been missing in blogland for awhile this week, so I'm catching up when I can.

Wanda said...

My dear.... I really need to see a close up picture of you wearing that georgeous necklace!!!!

Love you - Miss you
Wanda Mom

Angela Marie said...

Mmmmm ~ I like this one too! I love the green and brown.
I don't think there is one that you have created that I am not fond of.


I am also enjoying the one that you made for me my dear.
I just LLLove IT!

Thank you again!
Muah ~

sweet expressions said...

very beautiful!!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Gorgeous Darlene!