Friday, December 18, 2009

come away with me

Come and take a walk with me. It's cold and a little foggy today, but that's okay because we have rain boots, scarves and thick over sized jackets. (we borrow these from the hubby...aka Farmer J) Don't forget to wear your pajama's, this is standard around here :)
Hmmm...where to begin? There are so many rows to start from. Sometimes I just zig & zag here and there. The paths are long, so it's quite a workout.
Even though we have only been here for 3 weeks, I have really come to appreciate the trees and am mesmerized by their different shapes.
Their branches give them a sort of personality and their thick trunks such strength. They twist and's beautiful and poetic to me.
This 5 acre parcel is already 25 years old. They will need to be pulled in a couple of years. Baby tree's will be replanted here and the whole idea breaks my heart. Almond trees stop producing as they age and when you're a farmer...well, out with the old, in with the new. Luckily, we also have 10 acres that are only 15 years old and 3 more of 4 year old. In the meantime, let's just admire these while we can.
Almonds that are left on the tree after harvest and begin to dry up are called "Mummies" I am learning so much living here.
Even the weeds that grow in the rows are beautiful.
And don't get me started about the many varieties of moss and fungi...stunning!
We have doggie pals that always walk with us. Baxter stays near by, his ferocious presence is very protective ;)
And then there's Ellie, my little explorer who suddenly has no fear and wanders far and wide. She runs everywhere and I can tell that she is loving our new lifestyle.
Okay...our time is up, I'm pooped and shed my boots in the mud room. I really enjoyed the fresh air and feel invigorated, but most of all I enjoyed the company...thanks to each one of you :)


Angela said...

i will be walking alongside you in no time! :) can't wait!

Wanda said...

Oh how I would love to join you girls.... I've got boots....

A "mud room" how cool is that you are really Ms. Farmer!!!!

Loving you your card and loved it.

Jack K. said...

Darlene, how nice to learn of your adventures in the almond grove. With companions like Baxter and Ellie how can you go wrong.

There is nothing like a nature walk to give you strength. Our best to you this festive season. We hope you are feeling great and will continue to be in excellent health and prosper.

May peace and love abide with you always.

Jenny said...

Love those trees - how neat.

Deb said...

What a fabulous place to explore with your dogs beside you! I love trees too & your property is filled with so many beautiful & wonderful shaped trees ♥ Thank you for the walk :-}

Teresa said...

I am in awe how God brings people back into our lives. It began with Angela finding me on Facebook and then Denise and now I've found you and I'm so amazed. I have always loved the Andrade family and it's even more beautiful than ever and being able to take a peek at all of you and your families through these blogs has been such a wonderful experience. Soon we must connect so I can hug you to make sure it's real. Much love-Teresa.

Vanessa said...

thanks for the tour! the trees are stunning... and, indeed, mesmerizing.
love those wellies of yours too :)