Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the she owl named Zeus

After living on the farm for one month, a visitor arrived. She is our returning barn owl named Zeus (the one who rules the night). Soon I will snap a picture of her. Rarely seen during the day, her appearances have only been at night. She comes here every winter to lay her eggs and nest for a few months. Later, a clutch of about 3-6 eggs will hatch and I've been told are very noisy when the evening meal is desired. The nestlings will be fed by their parents for 40-54 days and then the fledglings begin to hone their hunting skills. It is rare that all fledglings survive. One or two make it through the entire process. I am really excited about Zeus' arrival and hope to see her Tyto mate also.

I find small patches of wild mushrooms while walking through the orchard. I have a vivid imagination and think they look like miniature villages for our local wee gnomes. They too, come out at night when most humans are safely tucked asleep in their beds...

Please tell me that Owls don't feast on gnomes! Eeeek


Right Brained Gal said...

I so much enjoy your blog and have been following it for years. I have watched the miracle that is Mark and said more than a few prayers for his recovery. I am now going through battling cancer, so I look to you for inspiration as how to walk through the pain. I am so happy for your new life and for you and your sister showing me that there are decent, compassionate people in the world. You are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

Wanda said...

Oh Darlene.... I love that you have a Owl...When my sister lived on the farm in Denair on Swanson years ago, they had a barn owl...She love watching the process...

I love your little village...Yes, I could almost see those wee gnomes!

Looks like your new surroundings are agreeing with you.

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom