Saturday, December 5, 2009

a long road to a fresh start...

The last time I posted was in July...why you may ask?

Sickness took it's toll
I have moved
literally moved to a new city
let me explain:

I had one of the worst summers (health wise) in years. The Lupus flared something terrible and I was very sick for weeks. I was bed ridden sick, unable to go anywhere and visitors were non-existing. Thank God for family and I have a great one. Little do they know how wonderful they are and how important they are to my perseverance. I get regular calls from my husband, children, mom, daddy...and my sisters are fabulous. Most of you know my baby sister Denise, aka boho girl. I must take time out to love on her.

*tears* She lights up my life with "daily" text messages, pictures and video snippets of her and baby Cedar. This takes time to keep up with and I am positive that it's not always easy, or convenient. But her faithfulness to keep me connected is boundless and loving. I am her big sister and have often received crisis calls from her and offered my advice. She gives me big thanks and always makes me feel like what I say causes epiphanies, but I know the truth, that my words are very ordinary and safe. But what she does for me? literally life saving. I can't count the moments of teeth grinding pain, only to hear the beep of a phone blessing from her. Instead of wanting to say, "I can't take this anymore" I end up smiling or laughing out loud and always realize there is so many more important things out there than what I am experiencing. I can't thank her enough...I couldn't love her anymore, or retun what she does for me. Other family members love on me too...I am so cared for by them all. Love you all xxx

The picture above is my new residence. We had our eye on this 18.5 acre farm for the last 10 months. The price slowly crept low enough for us to make an offer and Bam! We were suddenly selling our house, packing up 48 years of "stuff" and moving to paradise. We are now almond ranchers along with regular full time jobs. ( job is keeping healthy, J has the added responsibilities ;) I am surrounded by fresh air, trees, birds and other flora and fauna that is just breathtaking.

So, I'm feeling settled enough to get back to journaling along with other adventures. I may have new surrounding, but I'm the same gypsy girl that has a little spring back in her step and some mud on her new farmer boots.

It feels good to want to be back :)


Jack K. said...

Glad to learn that you are doing so much better.

That sure is some palace you have there. Have fun with that.

There has to be something about fresh air and country living that will make you feel better and your health improve.

It is also nice to know how close you are with your family. The boho girl is one of a kind and you are both fortunate to have each other.

Glad see you back.

denise lynnette said...

okay, now it is my turn to wipe my face and blow my nose!

oh sis...i couldn't love you any more either. it is so deep and wide and it feels hurty because it is so huge.

you must know that keeping you and the family connected is my life line so many ways.

your wisdom for me is always extraordinary...never ordinary.

we cannot wait to snuggle in your Farm Palace soon!!!!!

glad you're back. missed you.

Deb said...

Welcome back Darlene! I stop by and check often and so happy to hear all your wonderful news! Your new home is gorgeous. How fabulous to be surrounded by fresh air, trees & birds ... and all moved in just in time for Christmas ♥

Renee said...

I am a skulker of blogs: your blog, your sister's blog and many others. I have to say that I am very happy to see your return - I, too, have autoimmune issues and completely understand the constant struggle and how important having support can be. I look forward to many more entries and hope your path is littered with happiness and health! xoxo R

Jenny said...

Welcome back. Congrats on the new home - what a wonderful retreat.

Silvia said...

So good to hear that you're better and with all these good changes. Take good care. Many blessings and I'll keep you in my prayers.

LegalEagle said...

I'm so glad you're back and feeling up to blogging! I missed reading your blog (I'm a stalker by way of Boho).

Vanessa said...

i've missed you! so glad you're feeling better and ready to come back online. your new home looks like a dream! congrats :)
i'll look forward to your updates. take it easy, now.
gentle hugs from afar,

Angela said...

yay! so happy to see my momma is back to blogging. :)

Wanda said...

What wonderful news.... Oh Darlene I'm so happy for you and J. Just seeing you on the blog made my day!!!

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Cape Cod Kitty said...

How wonderful to hear the news of your new home and to see the beauty which surrounds you.
Wishing you great happiness and good health in your new place.
Your words are so beautiful and I love reading about the bond you share with your sister. I, too, have wonderful sisters. They are my treasures.
Welcome back!

cindie said...

welcome have been missed. I pray that you will have no more horrible flare ups woth the lupus and will totally be able to be a gypsy girl roaming through your fields.
Have a very Merry Christmas...good to see you back :)

sweet expressions said...

glad to see you back said...

Wow Darlene! So glad you are feeling better. What an adventure you have set out on! Congrats and can't wait to read more!!!