Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mark...still our Christmas miracle

This is a picture of Mark and his sister Angela at Thanksgiving. Many of you remember the car accident that Mark was in December of 2006. Every year around this time I like to give an update about him.

Mark had another surgery this year to repair some of the weak tissue around his midsection. They added more mesh to his front and side. The surgeon also pulled muscle around from his back and attached that to his side, which in the end made it all look like he had had some plastic surgery done...such a beautiful job.

More good Marky news...he continued his studies and was chosen for the Respiratory Therapy Program class of 2010. So, that will begin in March and by mid 2011 he will be employed at a near by hospital.

If Mark had never experienced such a dramatic extended stay in the hospital like he did, he may still be wondering what his niche was, but Mark found his destiny through this ordeal.

All things work together for good.
Romans 8:28


Fran said...

I was just thinking of Mark the other day. I remember reading about him the first time on Boho Girls Blog the night of the accident. I then came to yours and followed and prayed and lit a candle for him nightly.

I am so greatful to know that Mark is well and still such a bright light.

Thank-you for letting us all know how he is. I felt like such a part of the journey.

Wanda said...

Oh Darlene ~~ How I remember those days .... How wonderful that Mark has recovered, and found his destiny.

I'm reminded of the verse in Jer. that says, I have a plan for you, a future not to harm you but to bless you... Marc makes this verse so real!!

We love you all so much
Merry Christmas to all of you and your family..

Hugs and Kisses
Wanda Mom and Pastor Dad

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Lovely photo.....
I, too, remember well, the time of Mark's accident and am so happy to hear the news of his progress. It is a classic example of how so many blessings can come out of such a tragedy.
Surely, you still must quake when you think about the horrors of that time when Mark's life was so fragile. What strength you had and how beautifully you wrote about the process.
Wishing you all a very beautiful Christmas.

Michelle Shopped said...

i was just thinking of mark the other day! one of my favorite residents who went into plastics is in seattle and it's amazing how talented she is...i too love healthcare and returned to it after a dozen year absence -- congrats to mark on joining one of my favorite tribes of people, affectionately known in my trauma unit as "respiratory terrorists..."
and blessed happy merry holidays to you all!

Jack K. said...

Thanks for the update on Mark. Both of your children look beautiful. There is no doubt that your holidays are even more special. Glad to learn that Mark is going to be able to pursue his dreams. Our best to you all.

chulita4 said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful update on Mark. I too followed your blog every single day during that horrible time in your lives. I couldn't wait to get home each evening to find out how he was doing. There were many times I got on your blog with my heart pounding from fear of what your next update would bring. i'd be praying so hard that the news be good news. I would take a deep breath of relief and gratefulness when I would read that he was still fighting. He is a very fortunate young man and so are all the many people he will be helping when he is finally practicing his special talents in medicine.

I was in a car accident myself just this past Wednesday on me way home from work. A young man ( 18 yrs old) was teaching a young girl (16 yrs old) how to drive a stick shift. Instead of coming to a stop at their stop sign, they drove right through it as I was driving past them. My car was totaled and there was a lot of damage to theirs as well, but all I kept thinking as I was just sitting there in my car unable to make my body move to get out was, "thank you God, thank you God that I am not hurt badly and neither are they." I just suffered bruises and so did they, but my car hit hard as they just drove in front of me. We were all very fortunate.

Thank you again for the update. God Bless you all and take care.

Vanessa said...

wow, darlene, has it really been that long? look how far he's come! miraculous and wonderful. may you all have a wonderful new year! love, Vx said...


Sandy said...

Wow, happened to come across your link today in my bookmarks, stopped in, and saw an update on Mark. Glad to hear he is doing so well and got accepted to the Respiratory Therapy program. I remember vividly visiting here often in 2006 to read of Mark's progress.

So nice to read you are all doing well.