Saturday, August 28, 2010

16 memories

I've really missed not going on our annual beach vacation this year. We just couldn't afford it and like many other families today the idea of spending any large sums of money right now is kind of scary. When my desires slip into my dreams at night I always ponder what they may be telling me. This has been happening a lot lately and I think my subconscious is saying, "We miss the Ocean!" I think the 'We' represents Body Soul & Spirit. So, I took a walk through beach vacation pictures memory lane and am sharing it here with you. This is the cement boat view from the house we used to rent in Aptos California...pure bliss.

The house wasn't fancy, but it was roomy and had plenty of extra bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Extremely necessary because we invite a variety of friends and family. Oh, and the Ocean was a clear stones throw from those 3 huge windows. n.i.c.e.

I missed getting absorbed in a great summer read. Wrapped up cosy and warm with the sound of the ocean drowning out people noise and creating an atmosphere of escape *sigh*

I loved the way the trampled sand looked at the end of a day full of planned activities. Everyone ate extra dinner, felt really tired and slept a little more deeply. This made me joyously happy.

And then there was the girls...that's our daughter Angela on the right with her best friend Tiffiny. The kids were allowed to bring a friend along and Tiffy joined us most every year. They were all about new bikini's, sun bathing and a lot of giggling. Oh and let's not forget about the munchies. They packed more in then the boys and were proud of it!

Every once in awhile they braved actually going into the ocean...sort of.

One summer our son Mark grew his hair long. Oh the ladies gave him plenty of double takes, which didn't make the now (ex)girlfriend very happy. (sorry about the tacky white out (ex)girlfriend glare) It's just that he looks so yummy here...I couldn't resist!

When it came to Ocean activities, Mark was no wimp. So many times I had to wince at the big waves he braved and once he was in, it was hard to get him out of the water. When he was little I called him "My Little Fishy Boy" ...but not anymore...well, sometimes *wink*

And don't you love burying someone in the sand! On this day, we drew sticks and our (long ago past student, who stayed in touch with us) Sopon pulled the shortest! He didn't look like he enjoyed this...who does? t.r.a.d.i.t.i.o.n.s die hard!

You can often find me in this position. Ahhh...the best naps ever!

Or, I go on shell finding journeys. I refuse to get up early to partake in this ritual, which means I end up with the shells that everyone else chose to leave behind. I don't mind, sleeping in is worth foregoing a few jewels to me.

After a brisk walk, I feel refreshed and ready for some dinner but I need a few hugs first. "Who wants a hug?!"

Most meals were eaten outside and cooking/cleaning duties were split up fairly. If this was my cooking night, We're probably having my famous spaghetti sauce and salad with a side of garlic bread. Desserts were plentiful to an extreme. (hello extra 5 pounds: )

We always tried to squeeze in a group photo. It's fun to look back and see the kids get older, who came that year and how content we all look.

Another cherished moment was walking down the almost deserted beach with someone you love. Holding hands and hubby always trying to slyly lure me closer to the tide. I squealed to his delight and he always finds me sand dollars on these walks. "symbols of love" he calls them *gush*

And lastly, the sunsets were always a miraculous painting in the sky. Oh the reds, purples, blues, orange and yellows. A little pink here and there and when it got really dark, we could see Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk all lit up, with the Ferris Wheel going round and round.Sleepy time...Goodnight...Angels on your pillow : )

Maybe you have a treasured vacation to share, I'd love to hear it : )


BJ said...

Darlene - that was beautiful! I love looking back at ole photo's and great times. Thanks for your memories!

I do check up on you from time to time even though I don't actively blog. I love seeing your beautiful family and even though I may not are always in my thoughts & prayers.

Jack K. said...

Thanks again for sharing the wonders of your life/soul. It is fun to reminisce about the finer things of life. And to think, you actually lived them. You've got the proof.

As usual, your photos are spectacular. I also like your take on the "We" in your dreams. I think you're onto something there.

Make it another great day.

Wanda said...

Oh Darlene, thanks for sharing the most beautiful vacation.

Those beach pictures are so lovely and you are beautiful in all those shots of you...even a sleeping beauty!

Love you!

boho girl said...

oh, loved all of these. i really see so many similarities between you and angela in these!

love you.