Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I chose some favorite pictures from my visit with my sister Denise. We both carry around our cameras, so there were plenty to choose from. Here are a few...

~arrival trip from the airport~

~peeking in on nap time~

~slowly waking up~

~mommy puts on shoes for outside~

~too many exciting things to find~

~uncle jj drawing with a stick~

~cedar finds the biggest stick ever!~

~stopping for a pose~

~contemplating a tractor ride~

~brave decision~

~farmer uncle jj and cedar~


~turning the wheels~

~marmie picking fruit & veggies~

~always, always...running~


Teresa said...

I just love him!! And the whole family, loved seeing pics of your parents!! Thx for sharing! Hope the visit brought some healing laughs.
Love ya!!

boho girl said...

what a healing time we had together.

ohmygosh...LOVE my boy so.
such an impish wood nymph.