Saturday, August 14, 2010


I received this odd and funny email from my mom that simply said...
"It's time to change the sign, Yes?"
Sign? What is she talking about? Oh! My blog still has Angela's birthday sign posted...geez.
She just moved back to San Francisco and I'm taking my first deep breath and spent a couple of days setting things right around here. I haven't posted much for a few reasons. One, I haven't felt real well and Two, any good days have been spent keeping up with my daughter. Her 26 year old bod has endless energy and she likes to go go go. And Three, I've felt rather uneventful lately. So, I took a look around and thought I could indulge you with a few simple happenings.

What's Going On Right This Second:

Paying a couple of teenage boys to pull weeds and such. Doing all those things we dislike doing ourselves. Oh the memories of odd jobs I did during summer break to make a buck or two!

What's New...Literally:

My phone pooped out on me so I had to get a new one. Just when I started getting the hang of the blasted thing it breaks down on me. Now I'm back to being awkward, clumsy and spending way too much time getting to know my new phone. And the couch pillows are also those colors : )

While shopping with the hubs (something quite rare) he came up to me (smiling) with this huge wooden picture and said, "I really like this!" And here it is. It's not enough to be surrounded by 20 acres of trees...we must also decorate the inside of our home with them too. Good choice honey : )

What I'm Reading Now:

I love a great mystery and this one delivers. Book 2 and 3 are already purchased and waiting...weeeeeee!

What I Collect:

Give me an old glass bottle and I'm happy. That's what I look for in antique shops. They hide in nooks and crannies and come in so many colors. I also buy unique new ones...this could go on forever, unfortunately.

What I Received From Thailand:

My daughter bought us matching bracelets and I will wear it until it falls off. (and then I get a wish? or something?) She also gave me a beautifully woven scarf and bag, oh and a silk wrap that I can't wait to use.

So that's my day and now I'm getting ready for some overnight company soon to arrive that I'm really excited about.

To Be Continued...

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Wanda said...

Loved catching up Darlene..... Miss you so when you don't post for a while.

Your window with the stained glass and bottles is lovely.
Your pillows are yummy too.

Love and Hugs

Wanda Mom