Friday, August 20, 2010

50 years of love

These 2 parents are very loved......and we celebrated them today.

They have loved each other deeply......for 50 years!

My beautiful sister Denise is here......and she brought a little wood nymph.

Our handsome son Mark showed join in on the party.

Hubby and Cedar have been really bonding......and he makes us all laugh so much!

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Daddy...

Your love is contagious......and has been a great example to all of us.

This hysterical picture was a reenactment of the faces my parents made when they woke up this morning and said, "We've been married for 50 years!"It is a classic moment of family humor. We made them a delicious meal, rented a comedic movie for the evenings entertainment and they are spending the night to soak up every minute of the event. Tomorrow we plan to continue celebrating and enjoy the preciousness of being with a toddler treasure.

I am so proud to be your daughter and thank you for 50 years of loving each other, loving us and being the best parents ever!


Deb said...

Happy Anniversary to your wonderful parents ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow! They look so young. What a wonderful couple!

Michelle O.

Teresa said...

Oh Darlene, they look so fabulous, I always have loved them, they were always so sweet & loving and it's so nice to see how it continues. Give them my love and belated congrats on 50 marvelous years!! Love & hugs to you all!

sherry said...

I would love to see a pic from their wedding day. They look so in love. You were blessed to have wonderful parents.

Wanda said...

Loved the tour of pictures.... Mark is so dang handsome!!!!!!

boho girl said...

i am so, so glad marmie and daddy felt celebrated and fully loved for the parents they have been to us. i know they needed this deeply.

love you and will never forget this emotional day.