Friday, June 25, 2010

"when a tree falls in the woods..."

it makes a very loud crack, whoosh, boom sound!As you can see this tree split apart 3 ways and so far has been the most unusual sight in our orchard. My husband was in the general area when it happened and he said it was an eerie experience.

This is how we watered our lawn today...We are draining the east gate because the underground pipe line is cracked and will be replaced tomorrow. (oh the unexpected expenses of our farm keep coming $$$ blah!)At least Zeus was entertained v..v

This weekend we are planning to start bike riding and my basket is ready.

Of course their is never ending landscaping to do.

And new music to listen to...Ingrid Michaelson ~ every body
Erin McCarley ~ Love, save the empty
Kate Nash ~ My Best Friend Is You
Feist ~ let it die

***so far I am LOVEing Erin McCarley***

~Cedar Pic of the Day~"Superhero's must save all bears from lonely tunnels."
Cedar K.


Wanda said...

Oh the stories that come from being Mrs. Farmer.

Love Zeus and the water. Our big dogs always loved water.

Your bike basket, darling!

And I'm so glad you are posting Cedar each day. Could just squeeze him.

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Wanda said...

BTW I certainly felt you emotions of Angela leaving on her trip, when I had to say goodbye to Jill last night....

We have precious daughters, don't we?

Jack K. said...

Oh the joys of property ownership. Be it humble digs or a modest orchard, it takes time, energy and devotion.

I have a photo of our Eli crawling through a "tunnel". Your pic of Cedar reminded me of him.

Thanks for sharing.

boho girl said...

oh how i love you sharing cedar with your world. it fills me up with so much joy, sister.

i love you so. said...

*Seems like every day is an adventure on your farm!

*Riley just had her daddy put a basket on her razor scooter this evening.

*Cedar is delish!