Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Time is zooming by. Angela moved in, we've had house guests, and summer has turned up the heat...literally. Last week I was caught off guard with 100 degree weather and suffered some heat sickness. We're still mapping out our landscaping, been to a few nursery's and purchased some fabulous Monrovia.(Flower Carpet Roses) Those are going in this week along with some lawn. It is all so time consuming and with Angela here I find myself a little dysfunctional and just want to spend every minute with her...

She has me sewing dresses for her trip to Thailand. I haven't sewn for years, but it was something I often did for her when she was little. (Oh the Holiday dresses I made!) We went absolutely banana's picking out material(first picture) and now I just hope I can get them all done before she leaves. This week she is with my sister(boho girl) and she is snuggling with Cedar and marinating in the sweetness that is my sister's home. So, while Ang is away...

...this is where you can find me :)
either that, or with dirt under my nails that hopefully will bring some beauty to this ol farm.


Brooke said...

Sounds like a lovely week to come planned full of busy things! The roses sound lovely. :)

Wanda said...

Can's wait to see the finished dresses.

I had dirt under my nails today, and Jill is coming from Oregon for grandkids graduation, and I wanted to clean out the flowerbeds.

Also, Michel has borrowed my sewing machine..but hasn't used it, so I'm bringing it back home. In the mood to sew a little myself.

The pictures of Angela on your Sis' Blog are so beautiful.