Thursday, June 24, 2010


She's off! And many prayers are being said to keep her and Jon safe...God speed you two :) How fun to be 25 and traveling the world! I will miss her extra because I have become very comfortable with her being home so much. I will miss her laughter, her cooking, morning/evening snuggles, gone is my shopping partner, errand runner and of course, they way she smells! Her father will miss her too, but he won't miss the little messes she leaves in her wake...i will though.Oh my darling, you even got me sewing again!I cherish that big smile of yours when I hand you the finished product...and I adore that you are so easy to sew for. Anything looks good on you ;)
(enough bragging already :)

Again, So long my love, keep safe, have a blast, cherish each moment and! Every single shop is going to feel like a "Clearance Sale" honey! I love you forever and I know you and Jon will make wise choices. Angels all around you :)

~Cedar Pic of the Day~Oh, you take your "Baby School" so seriously!


Wanda said...

Oh I'm so glad to see your fancy work on Angela ~~ What a doll, and you my dear...what a fashion designer.

Cedar of course melts my heart each time. said...

Safe travels to your sweet girl. She is blessed to have you for a mom.

Sini said...

Hi! I'm new here! These dresses looks amazing, wow :)