Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Thailand Pic

This is the first picture Angela sent me from Thailand. Doesn't she look so happy?And then as her momma I notice the small things, like, she looks really tired...the humidity is bringing out the natural curl in her hair and, "Hey, isn't that MY necklace!?"
Ce la vie!

~Cedar Pic of the Day~
And then he realized his Supermarket Piggy wasn't so little after all...


Jack K. said...

She is beautiful even when tired.

Aren't children supposed to "borrow" things from their parents? chuckle.

Of course the Cedar photo is always appreciated.

boho girl said...

dar...i am cracking up over here. seriously. you rock at the cedar pics and subtitles. hee hee hee.

he will treasure this forever.
i so look forward to these!

angela is so beautiful. i miss her smell. said...

HA! Your necklace! Too funny.