Saturday, June 19, 2010


If you are someone who takes pictures with their phone, or perhaps you have a family member who sends pictures to your phone, if you choose to save them, you are able to use them as your phone Wallpaper.

And with that said...what someone chooses to use as their wallpaper says something about them...yes?

My nephew Cedar is my internal wallpaper. I love seeing his sweet little funny face everyday. He makes me smile and we all need more of that :)

What have you put on your internal Wallpaper?


Wanda said...

Oh dear, which grand child or great grand child should I pick.... I need several phones.

Cedar is a doll to see every day with his cute funny face.

boho girl said...

this made me LAUGH at loud! love seeing his face on your phone. especially THAT face.

we miss you like mad over here. i love how you love cedar like we do.

smooches from the booches.