Friday, December 19, 2008

the Christmas card revealed

This little Christmas Garden Faerie is here to say,
"Merry Christmas to you"

and 80 of them are arriving now
to friends and family
everywhere all over
this globe.


Mary Timme said...

These are so neat! I love them! Merry Christmas, Darlene and those she loves!

Wanda said...

Darlene your special "touch" on your cards make them so priceless. Is one coming our way??

This hectic Christmas with Las Vegas....I didn't design one ~~ So I will especially enjoy yours.

Love and Hugs and a Merry Christmas
Wanda Mom and Pastor Dad

sweet expressions said...

how beautiful your cards are

lucky love ones will have a treasure!

wishing your family a very happy holiday season


Dana and Daisy said...

very creative!

Annie said...

Wow. Just Wow! All the work and you made 80 of them.

I stand in awe!

shinyyoga said...

Ohh just so gorgeous! x

mascanlon said...

So beautiful and the gift of self included makes them shimmer with love.

Jack K. said...

Christmas is even more special now. You do beautiful work. We are all lucky to receive such a delightful faerie messenger.

Anonymous said...

That is so - darned - cute!! Lucky recipients, those 80.

BJ said...

Oh Darlene....your card is so beautiful. You have such a talent.

Wishing you and yours a most wonderful holiday season! God bless.