Monday, December 8, 2008

the President's dog

Rumor has it that President Elect Obama and his family have decided to get a Golden Doodle for the family dog. It just so happens that my mom and dad have one of their own, Callie Lu. Half golden retriever and the other half poodle gives you a shed proof allergy free canine. She is very friendly and great with kids.

Baby Boho Cedar was an interesting test, as we haven't had babies around for a long time. Callie needed to sniff him out and she was very gentle about it. From that point on, she became Cedar's protector and was acutely aware of every sound and movement he made. His crying was obviously distressing to Callie and she constantly needed to check the baby when he was near.

It amazes me that dogs know when a human being is helpless and fragile. Instinct kicks in and they make themselves responsible as a guardian. We all love Callie Lu and it warmed our hearts to see her accept and love our newest family member.

I love you Cedar and I too will protect you and be your guardian...auntie d


Jack K. said...

What a great posting. It gladdens the hearts of us all.

Thanks for sharing information and photos.

Mary said...

Dogs, Cats, Horses, & cows all know this and respond with gentleness. At least ours did. But, when you think about it, what is more dangerous than getting born? Not much! And if you are animal you just know, whether you are a prey or predator, who is vulnerable. I think most animals know this instinctively. I'm glad you brought it up.

sweet expressions said...

I agree with Jack K it gladdens the hearts of us all

BJ said...

Callie Lu is so precious! I love when animals are protective of children. It is just amazing.

So glad you posted Darlene. I'm so thrilled for you and your family to have baby Cedar as your newest baby love! Long time in coming and well worth the wait!

Annie said...

Dear Darlene

I think your parents pooch is just the most beautiful dog I've ever clapped eyes on. What a cutie!!! And it only seems like yesterday you posted pictures of Callie. My how she has grown.

How lovely that she was so involved with Cedar. There are great times ahead for both of them methinks!

Mr Obama would seem to have great taste!

Annie said...

Ack! THat should have read posted pictures of Callie as a wee puppy!

Constance said...

It has been a while since I stopped by but I wanted to check in on you. I was thinking of Mark and how 2 years ago, someone (don't remember who at this point) had lifted your family up in prayer regarding his accident via the world wide web. I guess once you pray for a person, your heart is forever connected. I pray he is continuing to do well and that his studies in Nursing are on target.

How lovely a blessing your family has received through your new nephew! We have dear friends that struggled through the adoption process and once en route to pick up their new daughter, the bio Mom changed her mind. It was heartbreaking! Theresa resigned herself to never being a Mom and 6 months later God brought them a baby boy. They maintained contact with his mother and kept her regularally updated on McLean's progress. The woman's Pastor about 2 years later asked her to counsel a pregnant woman about her options, adoption being one of them. When she shared how positive the experience was the young woman asked,
"Do you think McLean's parents would be interested in my baby?"

To make a long story short, without any deliberate process in place, they adopted their beautiful daughter Lawlor as a result of the blessings that came out of their relationship with McLean's birth mother!

I love their story. Dreams really do come true!

Hugs from Texas,
Connie Hopkins

Cindie said...

What a very special Christmas it will be in your family this year. The baby is adorable and I know that you will be a great Auntie.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Darlene! This post makes me so happy! Congrats to your sister. What a beautiful baby!!!

Also...we are in the process of obtaining a service dog for Riley. Your story of Callie Lu made my day.


Yolanda said...

I am so happy for all of you. I know you will make a terrific aunt.