Friday, December 5, 2008

love at first sight

there was a bounty of love to take in for such a little baby boy
I couldn't stop smiling at this little miracle
he is seriously cute and has a wise spirit about him
every day he looked a little different
completely irresistible
comfortable with everyone...especially grandma
and this is classic Cedar sleeping position

***After spending such precious time with everyone, I learned a very deep and spiritual lesson about adoption and the entire process. Because Denise is my baby sister, I felt protective of her and wanted a positive experience. Being ignorant about adoption, I felt concerned with the bonding process and kept a keen eye on any undercurrents. Then we all experienced an extremely poignant moment together, it went kind of like this...

At around 10pm the tired couple handed the baby over to us for some quality sleeping time. Cedar was wide awake and alert to his surroundings. He did the usual newborn routine, burped, pooped and let us know when he was hungry. About an hour later he began to fuss and that quickly turned into obvious unhappiness. My mom and I passed him back and forth, both of us using our own tried and true methods of motherhood, on how to stop a baby from crying. To no avail, Cedar continued to cry and dug in his heels...he was stubbornly angry now and this adorable little boy began to Wail! Bright red faced screaming, with stiffened arms and legs! Completely frustrated I said,
"Mom, I think he wants his mommy!"
and she reluctantly, but swiftly, woke the couple. Boho boy entered the room first. Obviously half asleep, he gently took the screaming child and tried to calm him. Denise then entered the room and she too was dishevelled and deeply exhausted.
Denise reached out to Cedar and said,
"Come here... it's okay"
...and an instant hush filled the room. As soon as Cedar heard his Momma's voice and felt her soft familiar shoulder, he silenced with peace. We all stood there with our mouths dropped open.

In any other situation, this may not have been quite so special a moment, but there was no longer any question that all Cedar wanted was his Momma and Denise was that person. She also felt the awe of the moment and tears misted over her eyes. My baby sister, this woman rocking that bundle back and forth, with a timeless instinct, was every bit a Momma and I will never see her more deserving, as I did in that moment.


Annie said...

Dearest Darlene,

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. I still cannot quite wrap my head around the fact that Denise is a Boho Momma now. Such a miracle.

She is also lucky to have such a beautiful and supportive family!

I had a big smile at the pictures of you and Cedar. He is just going to love his Aunty Darlene and especially your stunning necklaces!

Both my two still associate 'beadsw' with their Nanna, and I'm betting that's where their love of beading comes from!

So nice to see you posting.

With love from Down Under

Vanessa said...

and i'm tearing up too now.
this is so beautiful.
and the photos are magical.
hugs to one and all
Vx xoxoxox

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

I've read Denise's journey on her blog now for a couple of years. I've cried for her, teared up for her, wished for her, longed for her to come to this place. To read your account of that magical moment sealed all the wishes in to a magical jar of happiness.
Cedar was meant for them, they were meant for Cedar. Life is good!

Jack K. said...

What a beautiful moment.

You are blessed to have been a part of that

Thanks for sharing the moments.

shinyyoga said...

It is just so humbling to be able to be a part of your lives by reading about the gorgeousness that has descended upon you all right now. Big happy smiles and warm hugs to your family. So so special - thank you for sharing : )

Boho Girl said...

i love you, sister.
i am a weeping mess of tears.


so, so glad we all shared that moment together. a moment that i will never forget. a moment i will think about often when he is away at college pretending he doesn't need me as much. hee hee.

i love you so.

curious girl (lisa) said...

beautiful moments. how lucky you are to witness them.

Dana and Daisy said...

that is so precious! Congrats on the new family member! I know I love my little nieces and nephews as if they were my own! They are just so yummy!

Schmoops said...

so so sooooooo sweet. *sigh*

Beth said...

*sweet sweet blessings*

I've been following the story and now I really do believe in miracles !!!

Anonymous said...

you are a magical one, a special sister. what a wonderful moment to witness and share! thank you for some happy sniffles! :)

Jenny said...

Aw, congrats to you and your family

turquoise cro said...

Congratulations!!! Aunt Darlene! Thanks for all those darling pics and that wonderful baby Cedar, Mama Boho story! I remember how my lil ones nestled close to my neck like the pic of your mother holding Cedar! SWEET! SWEET! SWEET! God Bless YOU all!

lilia said...

Yup. Crying again. I am so happy for your whole family. Such an amazing, wonderful journey. Mazel tov.

sweet expressions said...

you made me tear up as well what a lovely story and your sister is so deserving of her sweet little baby boy

sending his new aunt a big hug!

britt said...

I found my way here via Denise's blog which was introduced to me by Superhero Andrea. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for two years and have considered adoption as a possible option. I have all kinds of fears, anxieties and expectations about what it could be like. I couldn't help but get teary while reading your entry about the lesson you learned about adoption. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing. It gives me hope and confidence as figure out what is next for us.

LEstes65 said...

Wow, I'm so behind. As an adoptee who is completely and utterly bound to my mom (adoptive), I love this story. I know my b-mom, too. But "mom" is the one I always cried for. She's the one that comforted me then. She's the one that comforts me now. Congratulations to you all.

MyEbella said...

I too found my way to you from Boho girls' blog (teary over her Darlene post...OMG to have a sister relationship like that) and found her blog thru Tara Whitney's blog....
But I too am an adoptive mom (both from S.Korea) and loved the "lesson" that was learned... as an adoptive mom that is one of the most special moments I think there is ... realizing that YOUR baby knows you are mommy!
I look forward to reading more of your blog!