Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am home now and literally thought I would find the time to post from my sister's house...what was I thinking? I forgot that toddlers have so much to share and I found it hard to leave Denise's side. My trip lasted 6 days, which flew by and I have so much to share that I thought I would break it down into the days I was there and take 6 posts to tell you everything in the order that it happened...yes, I can be that anal :)

I am scared to death of flying and I don't mean just a little scared. I have never really discussed this with my family because I am the mom that encouraged her children to try new things without fear and the wife that always says, "I'll be fine." With that was a really bumpy flight. No one even got their ordered drinks and I feel like the complimentary peanuts were literally thrown at us. The pilot came across the loud speaker quite often to reassure us and the lady seated next to me kept kissing her Jesus necklace and making the sign of the cross, head to chest, shoulder to shoulder, over and over. This was NOT encouraging me! I whispered a prayer and almost clapped when we landed and wanted to squeal, "Yay!"
My sister looked beautiful and the cutie on her hip, delicious!
To my delight, he seemed to recognize me and showed no fear being surrounded by strangers, or loud luggage machinery.
He did a lot of smiling, I just missed it with my camera. Denise let him down so he could get some of his wiggles out. To those of you who know my sister's journey, there is no doubt that this little angel was meant for our family...

more to come...


Jack K. said...

You are truly blessed.

I read Denise's post. It was an opportunity to see an example the true person that is in all of us. If only we had the courage to look.

Thanks for sharing, both of you.

Welcome back. Apparently the flight back was quite smooth.

boho girl said...

ohhhh...i LOVE these images of the serious side of Cedar. he's totally contemplating his next move and adventure in airport land. made light of your bumpy ride OF COURSE...not wanting us to worry about you. either that or Cedar just melted it all away when you first laid eyes on him and he smiled huge and pointed at his long awaited Auntie DD. ; )

we miss you so much. Cedar misses you and looks up at the arched windows to the loft, waiting for your head to peek thru..."where for out thou juliette??"

my next blog post is going to be about our adventures. pictures and words trying my best to describe this very special week that i will never forget.

i love you so.
WE love you so over here.

ps. my Word Verification is "Monspa"...i think that means mommy needs a SPA day. hee hee.