Friday, March 26, 2010

little mr. funny face

So sorry I couldn't share my planting yet. Truth is, I wasn't feeling well enough to start the task, but hopefully I can get out there today. Instead I am sharing something really special and hilarious about my nephew Cedar. This is at the core of his being and it is such an endearing part of him.

Cedar likes to do things with his eyes closed. If he builds a tower with blocks, he'll dismantle it and then rebuild it with his eyes closed...smiling the entire time at his accomplishment. Then he will open his eyes and laugh because he had so much fun doing it. If he pushes his cart on a new course, he'll retry that course with his eyes closed and giggle.

This is all very grand and wonderful but that's not all...Cedar likes an audience! So he does this hilarious peering at you while his eyes are closed and I was lucky enough to catch it with my camera...even though I am a little out of focus. You get the idea...and doesn't he look a little like Mr. Magoo when he makes this face? Every other time he is just being Mr. Adorable and if I'm not laughing when I'm with him, then I'm trying to steal a kiss!

p.s. Mr. Magoo is a very old cartoon character and I realize that I just gave my age away by mentioning him :)

p.s.s. Who wouldn't want to kiss Mr. Magoo?
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Brooke said...

That is so funny! Glad it looks like you had a great time on your visit. :)

Wanda said...

Oh Dar that is hilarious!

Mr. Magoo for sure, peeking out to see if you are watching his antics!

What a doll.

This weekend I get to see the great grand boys so I'm ready with my camera!

Love you dear
Wanda Mom said...

Too cute! Feel better Darlene!

Jack K. said...

I remember good old Magoo.

Thanks for sharing.

Deb said...

I remember Mr. Magoo too :-)
Such an adorable mosaic of your sweet nephew! What ever you choose to do this weekend - hope it is wonderful.