Tuesday, March 2, 2010

little miss muffet

Although I don't claim to be the famed nursery rhyme character,
nor was I sitting on a tuffet, or eating curds and whey...
I was sitting on my side porch, hands tucked under my chin,
elbows on my knees and daydreaming.
Something caught my eye and I found this quarter sized fellow
looking at me. I squealed...which no one heard, so I did the next
best thing and grabbed my camera that... is always close by.

He then showed me his backside which was his other scary face?
So, I backed off and let him go about his day...still keeping a sharp eye.

Well, he was just looking for lunch and carried a little take out
waaay back up the 10 foot pillar to devour his meal
in peace and quiet, no doubt.

Wow...I didn't know how to feel about this?
That I found a regular old country spider prime entertainment...
I have got to get out more often!


Wanda said...

Well, I think the "teacher" in you just had a "Lesson Plan" moment for your kids.

Thanks Miss Darlene... I love being in your class!!!

PS ~ did you use your zoom, or were you really that close?????

Jack K. said...

It looks like you "get out" just fine. One has to be alert to those special moments about life. You do such a great job at that.

Thanks for sharing the wonders of your life.

Brooke said...

What a beautiful, hard-working little fellow! Strong, too. Sounds like he would make some little gal spider a fine husband. :)