Monday, March 15, 2010

facts about him

~Riding in the back seat next to Cedar is an experience. With a book in hand,(always)he is a very patient passenger. He would often share this passion by handing me a book of my own. He is very serious about this and stares at many favorite pages.
He may come to a lion, which emits a deep growl, or another favorite scene that elicits his own commentary. Now tell me, who can resist this kind of charm?~

~Another very important part of Cedar's day is music. He loves to play the drums and makes one out of everything. But as you can see, he has the coolest drums ever! He also has a guitar, an ancient singing bowl, a xylophone and many more.
My sister and boho bro make music one of the priorities in Cedar's life. They use it to foster peaceful environments for him and to quiet down the end of his day. He loves to dance and I just know that one day music will be a permanent part of his grown up life~

~This is the air purifier that he is just now big enough to reach the controls.
He loves to have the air blow across his face, which causes him to experience a burst of delight~

~In our family, we call this the baby bird...commonly displayed during sudden bursts of excitement, or when any kind of food is in the general area :)

One would think that this sort of behavior would stop when grown into adulthood. Not in this family!~

~On this day, the first full day, we just rested and played close to home. Auntie dd was very tired from the traveling and I needed to recharge my battery.
But there is nothing like the sweet face of an angel to make you feel at peace and that all is well with the world we share~


angela.martin said...

love the pics momma. :) excited to see more!

boho girl said...

love these. love how deeply you pay attention to his ways and see him the way we do.

i love you.

isn't it interesting how cedar's eyes are blue in some photos and brown in others and green in some? hmmmm...

i am soaking in these stories of yours about our time together. YUM.

love you sis.

Wanda said...

Darlene ~~ How wonderful to scroll up and down and see all the pictures of Cedar (What a little doll)

So sorry it was not a good time for you for me to visit. I did try to call on Sunday afternoon, but didn't reach you.

We are going to Tahoe in May, and I promise we will get together then!

I love you so much.
Wanda Mom said...

What a darling little boy!