Monday, March 29, 2010

watching gladiators

Here I am in the passengers seat driving to San Francisco. Going over this bridge is always exciting but our plans today are much more interesting than we get to watch a bunch of strong sweaty men beat each other to a pulp and enjoy it. They call it Rugby...I call it Watching the Gladiators!
This is what a bunch of them look like from behind, now just imagine them turning around and charging with the goal of making sure you don't see the light of day...yikes!
This is our daughters boyfriend Jon...not driving our tractor today, oh no, he has an entirely different agenda on this day. Don't ask me to explain the rules of Rugby, but I can tell you that they huddle together and that's called a "scrum" the ball goes everywhere, there's a whole lot of tackling, a lot of bruising, some blood and these guys don't wear protective gear!
Oh, and one of Jon's jobs is this lifting thing, which is nothing like ballet ;) Nope...when these superhero's are done, they shed very small costumes and all their weapons are nonremovable.
At the end of the ordeal...there are always pretty girls hanging around that don't mind a little sweat...well, sort of.
~Jon and Angela~

We also had the privilege of meeting Jon's parents, who were lovely, friendly and very warm. That was celebrated with a clink of champagne and going out to dinner to a Peruvian restaurant. Amazingly yummy food, a few laughs and gratitude that we both have some pretty awesome children. I took some pictures to capture the event and look forward to more in the near future.
~Angela and her Momma~


Wanda said...

What a great tour you gave us ~~~ Wow, those gladiators.....they are big and tough.

The picture of you and Angela is so precious I just want to jump in and have a group hug.... (((((( )))))))

Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Teresa said...

Oh my how beautiful is Angela!! I'm so glad she's got such a great guy. We are so blessed to have such great kids!