Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the light box

I purchased this at a wonderful nursery we call The Greenery. They get special shipments of rare and exotic plants, succulents to die for and many other this candle box that shines dreamy diamonds of light onto the wall and ceiling.
It creates such an environment that makes me want to go to bed with dreaming on my mind. Tomorrow I will be taking you and I on a planting adventure, so be ready. See you then :)


Jack K. said...

I can hardly wait.

Beautiful photo, as usual. Do you remember the camera settings?

Wanda said...

I'm excited....can't wait! Don't leave without me.

"dreamy diamonds of light onto the wall and ceiling...." Love the image that gives me.

Loving you today and always

Deb said...

What a gorgeous candle box Darlene. I can just imagine what a peaceful atmosphere it creates with little diamonds dancing across the room ♥
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.