Saturday, May 1, 2010

gift giving for wives 101

When hubby asked, "What do you want for your birthday?"
I said, "A book about birds."
He bought me 5...
(I know what he was thinking..."I'll just bring the store to her!")
of which I chose these 2

Then Hubby says, "Don't you want something else?"
I reply, "Of course! I want a basket for my bike."
"What do you mean a basket?"
"You know, a basket (I point to the one on our shelf) to put things in."
"You don't need a basket."
"But, I want one."
"Where are you going to ride your bike that you'll need a basket?"
"We live in the country, I'll ride my bike everywhere and I need one for my camera."
So, he gets me this basket and I am One Happy Girl!

How cute is this? It has a flat back, is removable, has this handy little handle and is very roomy. All I'm thinking now is..."I can't WAIT to use this!"
I say, "Oh put it on my bike right now!"

"You can't ride your bike in the country. It's too dangerous to ride a bike in the country. There are all kinds of dogs and fast cars, holes in these old roads..."

" bought me a basket and..."

Husbands, don't buy your wives something that you never intend on letting her use!

Chapter 1 of "Gift Giving for Wives"

*let's just say that he has a very good point and I need to find a safe public trail to ride on...while looking oh so cute with my basket toting bike ;)


Brooke said...

My husband cracks me up too sometimes, because of his attempt at understanding the, to me clear, to him convoluted, meanderings and wishes of my brain.

That basket rocks! Have you ever seen the a person riding along with their little dog in one?

Deb said...

This is my idea of the PERFECT birthday present(s) too!! Love anything to do with birds & ever since I was a young girl I have loved Doris Day and because of her always had a straw basket on my bike :-) Yours is fabulous & will look fabulous holding little wildflower bouquets. Enjoy ♥

Wanda said...

What a perfect Birthday!!

Give that Jay a hug from me, and please post a picture of you on that bike, with the perfect basket....

Love and hugs
Wanda Mom

Sissy said...

this reminds me of Anne of Green Gables when she has a basket on her bike that she puts wild flowers we have wild flowers on the farm? xoxoxo!

Mickymar said...

Guess we have to remember men get their wires crossed at times when it comes to women. I do love your basket and books. I bet you will spend hours looking at your books. As for the basket, you may want to put it on your bike and take a ride, take your books with you and a small blanket and enjoy the countryside.

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