Thursday, May 6, 2010

silly beautiful

This silly beautiful girl is coming home to her Momma tonight to spend the weekend with her. The first thing I do when my children walk in the door is hug them tight and sneak in a big sniff of their neck. It feels very primitive and I love that she still smells the same since she was my baby girl. So, there will be a lot of cooking, shopping, snuggling, giggling, puppy playing, walking, bubble baths, movie watching...and loads and loads of laundry to be done. (she saves it for weekends like this ;) SO glad I passed down the laundry gene to her!


Wanda said...

Could Mother's Day be any better when you have your sweet girl spending it with you!!!

She's so silly, and so lovely ~~ What an outstanding combination.. Hummm reminds me of her precious mom!

Happy Mother's Day Darlene
Love and Hugs
Wanda Mom

Jess said...

OMG i honestly thought it was a picture of denise at first! she looks just like your sister. what a beautiful girl! she is lucky to get to spend that time with you as well. make me wish i had a relationship with my mom like that.
Happy mothers day!

Teresa said...

She is gorgeous Darlene!! I know how you feel, my girls totally surprised me yesterday on my birthday by all showing up for lunch with my mom, I was so blown away! I do the sniffy thing too!! Gosh time flies so fast and they've become such wonderful adults but melt back into children in our arms. Enjoy your Mother's Day, I know I will!
Hugs and sniffs!

Kara said...

she is beautiful! and lucky to have such and amazing relationship with her mother -- bubble baths and movies... mmm sounds good to me!

Jack K. said...

How sweet it is to share time with such beautiful people.

You are blessed and so is your family.

btw, so are we with whom you share your life.

Thank you.

Darlene said...

Hi Darlene and thanks for stopping by to visit me. Your daughter is gorgeous and I know y'all are going to have a great time! Enjoy your Mothers Day weekend.♥