Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tic toc tic toc tic toc

Above my kitchen pantry hangs an obnoxiously huge clock (hubby had to have it :) I also have a small grandfathers clock that noticeably tic toc's in the background noises of my home. It makes me very aware of what time it is and there are days that seem to run in fast motion. And then I have a day when my body says, "I'm demanding you to stop."

Since I am a girl who struggles with being told what to do and the fact that I always end up accomplishing things the hard way, stopping doesn't come easy for me. Oh, I stop...but I do so reluctantly and often have a 5 year old temper tantrum in my brain. I read somewhere that Lady Gaga was recently tested for Lupus and when asked about the results she said, "No comment." Maybe I can give her a call with some advice? ;)

When I'm done acting like a child I obey the rules and rest. I've been resting the last couple of days. I don't announce it to my Universe I just do it, but I will say that time...literally time creeps so incredibly slooowww and the "tic toc" of my grandfather's clock increases in volume and sometimes hurts my ears. Every now and then I purposely stop it from ticking...and when my husband finds it halted the next day and I hear him say, "I just wound this sucker up 2 days ago!" I just smile and keep that little secret to myself...

...at least until he reads this :)


Wanda said...

Oh NO, your busted!!!

I'm glad you are resting, even it you had to have your brain tantrum first!

Danielle is visiting with us for a couple days, and we had the best time this afternoon talking about how much we both love you!

In my heart and prayers darling.
Wanda Mom

Brooke said...

Hope your feeling stronger and better, Darlene. Blasted Lupus! I remember a cuckoo clock at my great-aunt's house ~ it used to keep me up all night with it's hourly cuckooing. I never know how she could deal with the annoyance and so heartily approve of your halting your clock's ticking once in a while!